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LookingglassCreek1For forty-nine years, TSS has supported fisheries activities and restoration across the lower Snake River spanning Washington, Oregon and Idaho.  We are proud to serve our local communities and lead aquatic restoration efforts that will build and protect our community, economy and local natural resources.  - To read more…


 “What’s New” 

Showing of DamNation – a documentary about dam building and recent efforts in dam removal.  Don’t miss it – week of Sept 22 Whitman College, Maxi Auditorium, date/time TBA soon – click here to see trailer

Fishing access maps from WDFW May 2014  - shows newly purchased WDFW easements located from the low flow river up the bank 25 feet, or more, depending the location.  The Grande Ronde River is a nationally known steelhead fishery.

Response to New Riparian Buffer Width Requirements - Read our public comment letter to Washington Department of Ecology requesting exemption to increased riparian buffer width requirements which would preserve our work with landowners to restore their riparian zones. – Click here to read it…

Letter to Cathy McMorris Rogers - We’re urging continued federal funding for salmon in eastern Washington for Fiscal Year 2015 (FY15).  If you agree, stop by our office to sign a postcard to send to her office.  - Click here to read the letter…

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