Tri-State Steelheaders welcomes volunteers!  Most often volunteers help with habitat projects by planting or weeding existing sites.  However, if you have a specialized skill or want to donate a set number of hours each week, we’d love to discuss ideas with you.  Feel free to contact us!

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Riparian Habitat Plantings and Site Maintenance–Contact us for upcoming events or if you are a large group, we may schedule something just for you!  Many of our landowners are elderly and appreciate the help maintaining the riparian sites we’ve already put in.

Office Volunteer – From time to time we need help filing or help updating our computer systems.  If you’d like to help with this, let us know!

School Outreach and Education – Are you in college studying natural resources, environmental science, biology or environmental engineering?  Or are you a professional with background and experience in these topics?  We could use your help to provide high quality outreach and education in our local schools.  Please contact us for more details and scheduling.

Tire Removal  – Five tires need to be removed from a worksite and delivered to Les Schwab to be recycled.

Metal Debris Removal – There is a large portion of an old metal truck at one of our sites that needs to be removed and recycled or repurposed.

Landowner – Do you own property alongside one of Walla Walla’s many rivers and streams?  We’d love to work with you on doing what you can to stop common toxic lawn chemicals leaching into your stream and changing the ph which supports healthy salmon life.  We can also let you know what the right amount of flow should be so water isn’t stagnant or rushing too fast through your creek.  Even if you live high up in the watershed there still may be things you can do to help replenish the sediment that was scoured out during the 1996 flood.

Events – Many organizations not necessarily directly related to salmon can help us on our way.  Are you an artist or gallery who would like to host an art night for salmon?  Do you own a restaurant would like to collaborate with our organization on a night where 5% of proceeds are donated to us.  Do you have a festival where you feel salmon should be represented?  Let us know!  We’re happy to talk over any idea you have.

Fundraising – Do you have a passion for fundraising and restoring salmon as a thriving part of the Walla Walla water systems?  Do you have consistent hours you can volunteer each week?  Every dollar you bring in allows us to do additional projects.  This sort of fundraising doesn’t go to operating costs!

Graphic Design – Are you a skilled graphic designer?  Are logos your thing?  We have constant innovations to our programs that should be reflected on our website.   We’d love to see great T-shirts and other gear for our members to buy to promote helping salmon in our watershed.

Photography–Do you have high quality resolution photographs of Walla Walla Rivers and streams?  Can you spend an afternoon shooting some attractive shots of our completed sites and construction projects?   Would you like to cover one of our events?  Beautiful, high-quality images are used in our newsletters, promo materials, and our Facebook and Website.

Videography – Seeking video documentation of our work, projects, and events to promote our organization.


Salmon Enhancement Group